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“Unlock Your Entrepreneurial Potential through Personalized Coaching and Intensive Training – Start Your Journey to Success Today with Intensive Entrepreneurs 1:1!”


You are a highly ambitious entrepreneur wanting to step up, trying to figure it out yourself – but you haven’t because no one ever does – success is a team sport.

You are looking for a highly experienced mentor, a sparring partner with decades of international experience and large networks by your side.

Brainstorm valid ideas and learn highly effective science-based approaches that work!

We ensure you soar at lightning speed without running yourself or your loved ones into the ground!

Apply relevant systems and processes to reach your goals sustainably and engineer your best possible outcomes.

We see you through to completion if you have what it takes and stick to the process.
No BS, no fluff, with full accountability, proven systems, and no excuses while having fun – all what true entrepreneurs are made of.

If this is you, we look forward to working with you and helping you connect the dots.

Ready to step up?

Start your Intensive 1:1 Entrepreneurs' Journey with us


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Frequently Asked Questions

3, 6, 12 months. If you want to extend your coaching commitment beyond the initial term, then that is always an option.

You will have regular weekly sessions. In between the sessions, you will need time for execution and follow-ups. Results depend on your commitment to your own progress and acceleration.

We recommend to put at least one to two hours a day aside to work on achieving your personal and professional goals.

It often makes sense to have sessions more frequently at the start, then space them out as your progress and momentum set in.

If you need to move a session, that is no problem at all as long as you give enough notice.

You will have unlimited support throughout on a platform of choice, so you will never be left hanging.

Our primary relationship is with you. This is a one-on-one program to accelerate your individual understanding and progress. Our primary focus is to give you the very best chance of success. You are most welcome to share your gained knowledge, understanding, and tools with your partner after your individual sessions.

I am worldwide connected throughout most verticals – it depends on your qualifications and your goals in what you want to achieve.

I am a member of Forbes Councils, various Executive Global Networks, Harvard Business Review Advisory Council, the World Business Angels Investment Forum WBAF, the WBAF Global Women Leader Committee, VC Think Tanks, and having over 28k top-level connections worldwide on LinkedIn throughout all relevant verticals.

Yes, happy to do so. You will need legal, health, financial and other professional advice to soar. If you don’t have these in place already, we can help you connect the dots and find the right people.

We will also support you on your outreach to your own network and in building it further out. In our experience, your network can be a rich source of opportunities.


Tanya Goodwin
Pharmacist & Entrepreneur

"Eagles don't fly with ducks. Your knowledge and expertise emanated from the very first session, propelling me to soar to unprecedented heights! I found the session very informative and wanted to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude for the incredible impact you have had in the realms of personal and professional growth. Thank you for your remarkable ability to inspire beyond belief. Anybody would be lucky to have you as part of their journey."

Appalla Saikiran
Appalla Saikiran
Founder & CEO, Scope

"As I always keep telling the most expensive thing that any person can give us is their time and their knowledge, and I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to be mentored by her. The amount of commitment she puts in to ensure that you grow in a right manner is unbelievable. The best mentor that I have come across in my journey."

Samantha Tauber
Founder of VNCCII

"Sharesz is a true gem for inspiring and guiding leaders and entrepreneurs. Being part of the Outlier Global Think Tank, I've been blessed to learn from Sharesz's wisdom with life, business, and leadership design to maximise outcomes and human potential. Highly recommend Sharesz to anyone looking to make a change in the world 🌏"

Sandro Nafzger
Sandro Nafzger
CEO & Co-Founder of Bug Bounty

"I can highly recommend working with my mentor Sharesz T. Wilkinson."

John Hittler
John Hittler
TEDx Speaker & Author

"Sharesz T. Wilkinson's genius talent is uncovering with highly ambitious individuals what they really want in life, seeing them through to completion and getting them the results they are looking for."

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