Executive 1:1 Private Package

Unleash Your Full Potential with Exclusive Mentorship – Elevate Your Leadership Skills to New Heights with Personalized Guidance.


If you are looking for in-depth bespoke support, professional guidance, strategic advice, and accountability to reach your professional and personal goals, then this 1:1 package is for you.

Over 20 years of experience in leadership coaching, teaching, training, and mentoring worldwide led to a thorough understanding of how to help you reach highly effective results for yourself, your business and your team.

We work with highly efficient science-based systems and frameworks to engineer your best possible outcome in leadership, communication, awareness, and strategy for measurable results.

Resilient Power harnesses scientifically-backed methodologies to enhance leadership communication and self-regulation, directly boosting business performance. Our approach focuses on tackling executive communication challenges, simplifying complexities, optimizing resource use, and adeptly managing risks to support your leadership journey.

Proactively confront, manage, and overcome team challenges with minimal disruption, implementing practical solutions. Resilient Power’s incident response capabilities comprehensively tackle human behavior complexities, efficiently resolving incidents, and bolstering risk management and business recovery strategies.

Depending on your situation, you may require specialist legal, financial, and medical advice; count in enough time for appointments and follow-ups.

With my clients, we have changed organizations, companies, and entire nations through various verticals, receiving 19 international change-maker awards and nominations to date.

Start your Executive 1:1 Journey With Us

We will do a detailed assessment first to see if it is a mutual fit, before proceeding with the package.

Frequently Asked Questions

3, 6, 12 months renewable. We will regularly ask for your feedback regarding our services to ensure best quality standards.

You will have regular sessions every two weeks or sometimes more frequently. In between the sessions, you have time for execution and follow-ups. The frequency depends on your commitment to your own progress and acceleration. We ensure your efforts bring results.

It often makes sense to have sessions more frequently in the beginning, then space them out as progress and momentum set in.

You will have unlimited support throughout on a platform of choice.

I am worldwide connected throughout most verticals – it depends on your qualifications and your goals in what you want to achieve. Being a member of Forbes Councils, various Executive Global Networks, Harvard Business Review Advisory Council, the World Business Angels Investment Forum WBAF, the WBAF Global Women Leader Committee, VC Think Tanks, and having over 28k top-level connections worldwide on LinkedIn throughout all relevant verticals.

In our experience, our network can be a rich source of opportunities.


Vin Lee
CEO, Grand Metropolitan

"I have been in communication with Sharesz T. Wilkinson for more than five years. In all this time, she has consistently shown excellence, integrity, results, and a very strong work ethic. She has also encouraged me to consider various international experiences that I had never imagined before.

I highly recommend her for her leadership expertise."

Brian Greenberg
Director of Greenberg & Assoc

"The world is a rapidly changing dynamic that requires continual attention to all the details that shape the decision making process. Sharesz T. Wilkinson's credentials and expertise can help navigate these troubled waters."

Fabrizio Cerutti
Co-Founder @ Apiro Group

"I am writing to wholeheartedly recommend Sharesz T. Wilkinson for any C-Level Executive Coaching needs. I had the pleasure of engaging with her over the past two years and I can attest to her high level of proficiency, expertise, and dedication.

Under Sharesz's tutelage, I was able to expand my understanding of leadership and develop a unique, effective leadership style that is aligned with my values and the strategic goals of my organization. She possesses an exceptional ability to understand the complexities of a CEO role and delivers highly customised solutions that help bridge the gap between personal development and organisational success.

Her approach is pragmatic and solutions-oriented, allowing me to effectively deal with immediate challenges while also building the strategic mindset required for long-term success. She has a profound understanding of executive leadership, team dynamics, strategic planning, and change management which are instrumental in helping leaders excel in their roles.

She has a remarkable ability to challenge and motivate Executives, providing them with the tools to make informed decisions, enhance their emotional intelligence, and improve their communication and relationship-building skills. All these have been vital in my journey towards becoming a more impactful and confident leader.

One of the things that sets Sharesz T. Wilkinson apart is her emphasis on creating sustainable changes. She equips her clients with the skills and strategies required for continued growth even after the coaching engagement has ended. This has been pivotal in ensuring that the positive transformations I achieved under her guidance have become an integral part of my leadership style.

I believe that Sharesz T. Wilkinson would be a great asset to any C-Level Executive looking to enhance his leadership capabilities and steer the organization towards success. Her unique combination of professional expertise, personalised approach, and dedication to her client's success sets her apart as one of the best CEO Executive coaches I have had the privilege to work with. I am confident that any engagement with her will yield valuable insights and lasting results."

Sulaiman Bin Shah
Contemplating Ecosystems Ex Deputy Minister - Industry & Commerce

"Sharesz T. Wilkinson is undoubtedly the best mentor one can have. Her abundant love for knowledge and her pursuit to share her wealth of knowledge is impeccable. While working with her, one can only imagine how much she strives for excellence to get the job done.

I strongly suggest the exceptional and transformational sessions she designs around your specific issues and topics. It is her human side that is the perfect judge of what to say and teach at any particular moment. I have learned a lot, both how to be a listener, and a follower, and of course how to lead further.

I can highly recommend working with her to move mountains and make the impossible happen."

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